BBT specializes in audio and video installation and support.  Whether you need a simple surround sound system installed or a full-scale teleconferencing system, BBT can install most major brands of A/V and telecom equipment.


Surround sound audio can transform any space.  Waiting rooms, lobbies, and break rooms can all benefit from easy-to-use audio systems.  Let BBT technicians design and install the optimal audio system for your use.  We install traditional, wired systems as well as the latest, Wi-Fi based speakers.

Traditional audio systems provide you with hi-fidelity, highly dependable audio connections.  Because everything is hardwired, traditional systems give you an advantage when it comes to quality and consistency.  This advantage comes with a price tag, the additional costs of cables, mounts, accessories almost always makes traditional speaker more expensive than modern, wireless systems.

Wireless audio systems allow you the ease-of-use and accessibility of a smart device.  These systems usually work off of Wi-Fi and sometimes Bluetooth technologies.  With wireless systems, playing music directly from your phone or computer is easily possible.  Like anything else that works off of your network, wireless systems can go offline or lose connection with a weak signal.

BBT recommends a solid wireless network, Wi-Fi boosters, or additional wireless access points to resolve the issues of bad connectivity.



From your waiting room to your conference room, your office needs easy-to-use video systems.  BBT can do anything from simple TV and projector mounting, all the way to top-of-the line presentation and training room setups.

Our technicians also specialize in wire and cable management.  BBT can customize your video setup to ensure it not only looks good but works correctly and can be easily accessed.  From hiding wires behind drywall, moving and installing video/HDMI outlets, or utilizing wire hiders and organizers; BBT will make sure your screen and peripherals are seamlessly installed.

BBT offers flat-rates for TV mounting!

A television installed by BBT does not simply mean it is mounted on your wall.  Our installers are ready to customize your space to ensure a clean, wire-free look.  What this means is that your peripheral devices (cable box, Roku, Apple TV, modem) are hidden and secured near your TV.  Our flat rates for TV mounting always include the cost of all associated hardware and organizing equipment.

TV Mounting flat-rates:

Television Size


Swivel/Articulating mount

with wire-free installation

Up to 32” TV



+ $50

32” to 60” TV



+ $50

Above 60” TV



+ $50