Indoor/Outdoor Audio

No home or living space is complete without a sound system.  BBT can install any level of audio system.  From simple, Wi-Fi based speakers to whole-home surround sound systems; BBT technicians can outfit your space with the perfect sound.

Whether you want music for entertaining, outdoor audio for BBQs, or a performance level sound system for recording and audio engineering; BBT is your go-to for professional audio installations.


Indoor Audio:

Today there are countless options when it comes to indoor home-audio.  More traditional, wired systems are now joined by wireless, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth speakers.  BBT wants to find the perfect option for your home.  Can’t decide if you want the reliability and sound quality of a hard-wired system or the accessibility and ease-of-use of a smartphone based system?  Let BBT design a system that utilizes both traditional and modern solutions.  Get everything you want and nothing you don’t need!

Outdoor Audio:

Want to immerse your backyard, pool or patio with sound?  Perfect for music listening while by the pool, outdoor movies, and college football by the grill; outdoor speakers can transform your backyard into your family’s favorite space.  Adding value and enjoyment, an outdoor audio system turns your backyard into an outdoor living room.  Use all of your home by adding a discreet audio system to your yard!