VoIP Phones

BBT offers business class Voice-over-IP phone service and support.  As a partnered re-seller of LightSpar VoIP services, we offer IP-based phone installation, configuration, and support.

BBT is ready to outfit your office with a VoIP phone system.  Our wide range of services allows us to assist your business in every stage of the VoIP lifecycle.  From cabling, and network installation to phone configuration, troubleshooting and support.

For most businesses, a phone system is as important to their daily function as anything else.  BB Technology understands that your IP-based phone system must be reliable, easy to use and affordable.  With a custom tailored support plan, BBT can find the perfect phones, installation and support options for your business.



Our trained technicians and installers guarantee a smooth installation process as well as full functionality.  What this means is that we do not simply sell you phones and provide hosting.  BBT technicians will install your physical phones with the smoothest user experience in mind.  VoIP Phones installed and serviced by BBT are customized for your location.  Our installers utilize cord hiders, organizers and more to tailor fit your system.

As well, our on-site and remote support staff offer fast, friendly and efficient responses to any issues you might have.  With a simple call or email, our technicians can be dispatched to resolve your issue the same day.

Get in touch with a BBT Sales representative today to see how you can better install and manage your VoIP Phones!